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ETC Online Free Assessment Exams

Autodesk, Adobe, Vray, Leed Green, and Primavera

IDExam TitleDescriptionMinutesCourse Name# of questions
ETC Exams
47Adobe Photoshop CC - EssentialsLevel 1Adobe Photoshop CC - EssentialsTopicsResumeTake
73Adobe After Effects CCEssentialsAdobe After Effects CC - EssentialsTopicsResumeTake
74Adobe After Effects CC - AdvAdvancedAdobe After Effects CC - Advanced TopicsResumeTake
91Adobe Premiere CCAdobe Premiere CC EssentialsAdobe Premiere - Drone VideographyTopicsResumeTake
44Revit 1 - Fundamentals for All DisciplinesLevel 1Revit 1 - Fundamentals for All DisciplinesTopicsResumeTake
463DS Max for Architects & Interior Designers Level 13DS Max 1 - Architects/InteriorTopicsResumeTake
48AutoCAD - 2D2D AutoCAD 1 - 2DTopicsResumeTake
50Revit 2 MEP - HVAC, Plumbing, and Fire ProtectionIntermediateRevit 2A - MEP HVAC/Piping/FP/ElectricalTopicsResumeTake
52Revit 3 - Advanced for All DisciplinesRevit Architecture, MEP, and StructureRevit 3 - Constructing, Sharing & CollaboratingTopicsResumeTake
53Revit 2 - Architecture/StructureFor Architects, Structure, and Interior DesignersRevit 2 - Design & Modeling Architecture/StructureTopicsResumeTake
43About ETC - Quick Sample TestKnow your training centerCommunication SkillsTopicsResumeTake
Leed Green
51LEED Green Associate Quick TestAssociateLEED Green AssociateTopicsResumeTake
Project Management
68Primavera P6 Rel. 8.2Project PlannerPrimavera P6 16.1 - Project PlannerTopicsResumeTake
97Python 1 - FundamentalsThe basicsPython 1 - FundamentalsTopicsResumeTake
Open Water
76Open Water Module 1Quiz 1Discover SCUBA Diving - Pool and LectureTopicsResumeTake
77Open Water Module 2Quiz 2Discover SCUBA Diving - Pool and LectureTopicsResumeTake
78Open Water Module 3Quiz 3Discover SCUBA Diving - Pool and LectureTopicsResumeTake
79Open Water Module 4Quiz 4Discover SCUBA Diving - Pool and LectureTopicsResumeTake
80Open Water Module 5Quiz 5Discover SCUBA Diving - Pool and LectureTopicsResumeTake
81Underwater NavigationCompass and Natural NavigationAdvanced Open WaterTopicsResumeTake