Python Application Programming Course Lebanon

Python 3 - Web Development

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Duration: 30 hours

Teaching Methodology: Hands-on


The focus of the Python Level 3 course is web development which is currently most in-demand. For people who want to develop mobile apps, we suggest they learn and focus on C Sharp.

In this course, you will build a web application using Python, Django, and React. React is a JavaScript framework for developing SPAs (single-page applications). It enables programmers to build rich user interfaces that run in web browsers.

Django is a Python web framework that simplifies common practices in web development.

For this application, React serves as the frontend, or client-side framework, handling the user interface and getting and setting data via requests to the Django backend, which is an API built using the Django REST framework (DRF).

At the end of this course, you will have a fully working web application.


What's covered in this course:

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This course is ideal for Python programmers who want to go deep into web application development.


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