Python Programming Course Lebanon

Python 2 - Data Science, OOPs, UI, and MySQL

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Duration: 30 hours

Teaching Methodology: Hands-on


In this course, the students will learn how to use Python in data science and database applications using MySQL. They will also learn how to create Object Oriented Programming and develop User Interface Designs.


What's covered in this course:

  1. 1. Data Science

    •      a. SciPy in Python
    •      b. CSV Files
    •      c. JSON
    •      d. GraphPlotting

  2. 2. Classes and Multidimensional Arrays

    •      a. Python Classes
    •      b. Python Inheritance
    •      c. Introduction to metaprogramming
    •      d. Multidimensional Arrays

  3. 3. Developing User Interface UI

    •      a. Python Tkinter
    •      b. PyQt5 Designer
    •      c. PyQt5 UI Compiler
    •      d. Handling Events and Executing Procedures

  4. 4. MySQL Database

    •      a. Setting Up MySQL with Python
    •      b. Developing Forms Using the PyQt5 Designer
    •      c. Using Python to manage Forms and MySQL Databases
    •      d. MySQL Tables and Queries
    •      e. Relational Databases

  5. 5. Utilities

    •      a. Testing Framework
    •      b. PY to EXE Files

  6. 6. Python Libraries

    •      a. Using Selenium to control Web Browsers
    •      b. Using the Calendar module


This course is ideal for Python programmers who want to develop their expertise.


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