SAFE Training Course Lebanon

SAFE - Fundamentals

Duration: 16 hours

Teaching Methodology: Hands on


This SAFE course teaches you to design horizontal elements such as beams and slabs, analyze designs, and check slab serviceability.

This course on SAFE covers the following topics:

  • Modeling, analysis, and detailing of the followings:
  • 1. Flat Slab
  • 2. Solid Slab
  • 3. Ribbed Slab
  • 4. Single Footing & Strip Footing
  • 5. Raft Foundation
  • 6. Piles and pile caps
  • 7. Post Tension Slab
  • For each of the above, we will:
  • a. Apply ACI Code requirements
  • b. Check punching shear and the appropriate solution (Flat Slab)
  • c. Check deflection according to code and providing solutions for high deflection problems (All Slabs)
  • d. Load combinations for design procedure (Slabs & Foundations)
  • e. Load combination for Soil bearing capacity check (Foundations)
  • f. Provide clear shop drawings

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