ETABS advanced

ETABS - Advanced

Duration: 16 hours

Teaching Methodology: Hands on

Course Schedule: Schedule

Fees $350

Course Mode: Blended Face-to-face or online via Zoom


This advanced ETABS course teaches you about dynamic analysis, codes, loads, shear walls, dynamic analysis, slender columns, and slabs.

What is covered?

  • 1. What is Dynamic analysis?
  • 2. Code conditions and limitations
  • 3. Defining different lateral load resisting systems in Etabs
  • 4. Applying dynamic analysis for Shear wall system
  • 5. Applying dynamic analysis for Dual system
  • 6. Design and detailing of different lateral load resisting systems
  • 7. P-delta analysis for slender columns
  • 8. Thermal load analysis for slabs


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