autocad training course - 3D

AutoCAD 4 - 3D

Duration: 20 hours

Teaching Methodology: Hands on

Course Schedule: Schedule

Fees $300

Course Mode: Blended Face-to-face or online via Zoom


This AutoCAD course teaches you 3D commands to create 3D models from 2D plans, sections, and elevations. You will also learn how to add cameras, lighting, materials, and backgrounds to render 3D views.


Architects, interior designers, decorators, artists, and anyone who is interested in creating 3D presentations.


AutoCAD 2D

autocad 3d 01
autocad 3d 02
autocad 3d 03
autocad 3d 04


01 - 3D foundations

  • Purpose of using 3d.
  • Type of 3d models.
  • Basic viewing in 3d.
  • 3d coordinates system.
  • UCS and WCS.
  • Navigating
  • Walking around
  • Using the view cube
  • Tracking the screen.
  • Viewing in 3d.
  • Visual styles.
  • 3d orbit.
3D foundations

02 - Predefined 3D surfaces

  • Converting 2d into 3d using thickness.
  • Changing elevations.
  • Basic 3d concepts.
  • Flat 3d face.
  • Predefined 3d surfaces: box, wedge, pyramid, cone, sphere, dome, dish, and torus.
Predefined 3D surfaces

03 - Non defined 3D surfaces

  • Tabulated surfaces.
  • Revolved surfaces.
  • Edge surfaces.
  • Ruled surfaces.
  • Constructing a hut using surfaces.
Non defined 3D surfaces

04 - Predefined 3D solids

  • Solid modeling: box, wedge, pyramid, cone, sphere, dome, dish, torus, cylinder.
  • Composite solids: Boolean operations: union, subtract, intersect, and interfere.
Predefined 3D solids

05 - Non defined 3D solids

  • Creating solids from 2d objects: extrude, extrude path, press pull, polysolid, revolve, slice, section.
  • Constructing a hut using solids.
  • Building a straight stair + handrail (3d polyline)
  • Building a circular stair +handrail (press pull, loft, helix)
  • Building a curved parking ramp(loft +path)
Non  defined  3D solids

06 - Modifying in 3D space

  • Aligning objects in 3d.
  • Mirroring in 3d.
  • Filleting and chamfering in 3d.
  • Rotating and arraying in 3d.
  • Solid editing.
  • Section plane: extracting 2d sections and elevations
  • Solid profiles.
Modifying in 3D space

07 - Advanced editing in 3D space

  • Solid editing(face, edge...)
  • Shell.
  • Imprint.
  • Check.
Advanced editing in 3D space

08 - Rendering

  • Lighting, cameras, background, and materials.
  • Rendering
  • Layout and presentation.
  • Applications and exercises.