Press & Printing Course

Press and Printing Techniques

Duration: 20 hours

Teaching Methodology: Hands on

Course Schedule: Schedule

Fees $450

Course Mode: Blended Face-to-face or online via Zoom


In this course, participants learn how to print various types of graphics such as vector and raster. Graphic designers often run into printing problems when trying to produce their work at the printing press. This course addresses such problems and shows participants how to print separations, spot colors,black colors, PDF files, etc. They will also learn how to edit images, manage colors, preview separations, and work with transparencies, knockouts, and various prepress and production techniques. By the end of this course, participants will understand the entire process of print production, from the early stages of conception and planning, to the technical stages of manufacturing and off-press processing.


Graphic designers or anyone who uses Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, or Photoshop.


Adobe Photoshop Essentials and Adobe Illustrator Essentials and Adobe Indesign Essentials

Press and Printing 1
Press and Printing 2
Press and Printing 3
Press and Printing 4


01 - Guide to Printing with Illustrator

  • Introduction and project overview
  • Creating Illustrator documents that are intended for print
  • Spot color and process color printing
  • Controlling the appearance of black
  • Knockouts and overprinting
  • Previewing color separations
  • Trapping in Illustrator files
  • Understanding transparency in Illustrator
  • Managing colors using ICC profiles
  • Saving press ready PDFs

02 - Guide to Printing with InDesign

  • Introduction and project overview
  • Setting up InDesign documents for print
  • Understanding the difference between PPI and DPI
  • Understanding spot color and process color
  • The appearance of black
  • Knockouts and overprinting
  • Previewing color separations and managing output inks
  • Understanding trapping
  • Working with transparency
  • Color Management and soft proofing
  • Preparing files for submission to a printer
  • Exporting print ready PDFs

03 - Printing Graphics

  • Graphic Print Production Flow
  • The Computer
  • Color Management CMYK, RGB, Spot colors, Pantone
  • Digital images (Resolution, Pixel Graphics, Scanning...)
  • Image editing (image quality, adjusting images, ....)
  • Layout (Typefaces, Fonts, Mounting images, color in Layout, Proofs, ....)
  • Prepress (Postscript, PDF, adjusting for printing, imposition, .....)
  • Paper (Coated or uncoated, Matte or Glossy, Choosing paper, Set the size of paper,...)
  • Printing (Different printing technique, Offset, Flex, .....)
  • Finishing and Binding (Types of binding, Varnishing, Lamination, embossing, Die-cutting,  ...)