Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere and Drone Videography

Duration: 20 hours

Teaching Methodology: Hands on


In this Adobe Premiere course, you learn to use movies, stills, and audio clips to compose documentaries, TV ads, wedding and other ceremony videos, TV programs, and films for the cinema.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Import and capture movies, stills and audio
  • Create and nest sequences
  • Edit videos, stills, and audio
  • Add transitions, video effects, and audio effects
  • Animate clips and various elements
  • Working with keyframes
  • Color correcting
  • Making clips transparent: Opacity, alpha channels, masking, greenscreen
  • Blend modes, time remapping, speed/duration, and frame hold options
  • Adding titles and making text roll and crawl
  • Edit clips from multi cameras
  • Using library items
  • Fly a drone to capture 4K videos and still images
  • Export to various sources and in different formats


Anyone who is interested in working with post production to create professional movies.


Adobe Photoshop Essentials


We recommend the following book: Adobe Premiere Pro Classroom in a Book (2021 release) ISBN-10 0137280920 ISBN-13 978-0137280926

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Premiere 02
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