Revit Steel Rebar and Reinforcements Course Lebanon

Revit 4 - Steel, Rebar, and Reinforcements

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Duration: 20 hours

Teaching Methodology: Hands-on


With Revit, you can create building structural projects, draw formworks, reinforce concrete, model steel framing structures, document designs, prepare rebar and steel schedules, and export to other applications to conduct structural analysis.


Participants who take this course will be able to use Revit to:

  • Set up new structural projects to create a concrete building
  • Create concrete structural elements
  • Draw columns, foundations, beams, floors, slabs, walls, roofs, and stairs
  • Create Formworks
  • Create structural families
  • Reinforce concrete elements
  • Tag elements
  • Create schedules
  • Prepare Design Documentation
  • Export to Robot and ETABS
  • Set up new structural projects to create a hangar
  • Create Steel Elements
  • Create steel connections
  • Create steel details
  • Prepare schedules
  • Prepare steel documentations


Structure engineers and draftsmen.


The course Revit 1 - Fundamentals for All Disciplines