Social Media 1

Social Media for Individuals and Businesses

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Duration: 18 hours

Teaching Methodology: Hands-on


To be able to market your services and products, you need to build expertise with the social media platforms and their tools. In this course, you learn about Facebook and Instagram to use their tools to create effective marketing plans. You will also be introduced to the Youtube and the Linkedin platforms.


Chapter 1: Introduction to social media and its uses
Chapter 2: The difference between Digital and Internet marketing
Chapter 3: Creating effective posts to optimize audience engagement
Chapter 4: The Facebook business manager
Chapter 5: The Ads Manager tools
Chapter 6: Understanding Instagram and its algorithm
Chapter 7: Advertising on Instagram
Chapter 8: Social media etiquette
Chapter 9: Analyzing results
Chapter 10: Refining the marketing plan and posting again
Chapter 11: Introduction to the Youtube platform
Chapter 12: Introduction to the Linkedin platform


Anyone who is interested in using the social media platforms to reach his/her target audience.


The Photoshop Essentials course if you want to create and edit your own posts.