Furniture Design

Furniture Design Using Rhino

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Duration: 20 hours

Teaching Methodology: Hands-on


In this course, you will use the skills you acquired in Rhino 1 and 2 to design various furniture models. At the end, you will be able to create your designs using the ETC 3-D printer.


This course is for people who want to design furniture using Rhino.


Rhino Level 1 and 2.

Furniture Design Using Rhino 01
Furniture Design Using Rhino 02
Furniture Design Using Rhino 03
Furniture Design Using Rhino 04


01 - Overview of NURBS Topology

  • Rational vs. Non-rational Geometry ( Clean Curves = Clean Surfaces)
  • Working with Curves ( Curve Rebuilding vs. Curve Fitting / Control Point Optimization / Curve Continuity)
  • Working with Surfaces ( Surface Continuity / Surface Generation / Surface Analysis Tools / Rebuilding Surfaces)

02 - Create Complex Curved Surfaces

  • Working with Simple Curves
  • Various Methods of Surface Generation
  • Various Methods of Symmetry Production
  • Solid Filleting and Blending Tools

03 - Create 3D Relief patterns from 2D Artwork

  • Importing 2D Raster / Vector Information ( DXF, Illustrator)
  • Cleaning Up the Output in Rhino
  • Using Solid Tools to Produce Pierced, 3D Decorative Detail and Relief Patterning

04 - Create Pressed Plywood Forms

  • Create Complex Forms Using a Master Surface and Offsets
  • Produce Holes and Cut-Outs that are Normal to the Surface (Orient on Surface and Boolean)

05 - Create Cast Alloy Arms

  • Create Complex Curved castings (Arm Casting)
  • Create Complex Curved castings (Arm Casting)

06 - Solid Tools

  • Create and Modify Solids with Different Solid Tools such as Holes

07 - Block Instances

  • Create Blocks such as Fasteners, Brackets,…
  • Store Blocks and Bring them into the Assembly File

08 - STL Files

  • Short Primer on Writing Good STL Files for Export from Rhino

09 - Basic Animation in Rhino and Rendering in Vray

  • Create Simple Presentation Animations from within Rhino