Leed Green Training Courses

Leed Green

What is Leed Green?

In this era, you no longer need a shop on the main street to succeed. You need a good website to attract customers. And if you have high-quality products, the sky is the limit.
Students who learn the tools will be able to design and maintain their website and offer skills highly required in the job market.

Leed Green Associate

In this course, students learn HTML, a free and easy language to design websites. It is the main code; everything else is a plugin. CSS is another set of code aimed at formatting your pages and adding styles. SCSS is a way of speeding up CSS development. When you master HTML and CSS, you become ready to tackle the web design world.

Leed Accredited Professional

Adobe XD is a graphic design software that allows you to design user interfaces for websites and mobile apps. You don't need to learn any code. It has all the tools to create interactive prototypes quickly. Once the client approves your design, you turn it to developers to create the code.
Figma is a tool that allows designers and developers to work in the cloud to collaborate to develop fully functional applications.