Solidworks - Essentials

Duration: 30 hours

Teaching Methodology: Hands on

Course Schedule: Schedule

Fees $450

Course Mode: Blended Face-to-face or online via Zoom


This Solidworks course teaches you to use this industrial tool to create simple and complex parts and assemblies. In this course, students will learn how to:

  • Draw 2D Sketches
  • Create 3D Parts
  • Create Assemblies from Parts
  • Generate Drawings from Parts and Assemblies
  • Use Drawings Created with AutoCAD
  • Use Addins


Anyone who is interested in learning how to draw industrial designs.


AutoCAD 2D basic skills is helpful but not obligatory.

solidworks 01
solidworks 02
solidworks 03
solidworks 04


01 - Introducing the Software

  • Starting Solidworks and opening new files
  • Getting to know the user interface and workspace
  • Exploring tools and setting proper units
  • Understanding the importance of the tree
  • Understanding the differences between Solidworks and Autocad along with the benefit of each

02 - Creating 2D Sketches

  • Creating first 2D sketch
  • Understanding and working with planes
  • Drawing first 2D drawing
  • Defining different relations and fully defining drawings
  • Working with different Views
  • Working with smart dimensions
  • Creating and defining new planes
  • Working with convert entities, patterns, mirror…

03 - Creating 3D Part

  • Sketching using 3D sketch
  • Using features tool to convert 2D drawings to 3D
  • Using features tool to create 3D drawings
  • Drawing complex 3D parts
  • Using Cutting tools to create holes and openings
  • Using holes manager to create standard openings and threads
  • Exploring different planes and tools
  • Evaluating parts and drawings

04 - Creating Assembly from Parts

  • Introducing Assembly Workspace
  • Insert components and parts in drawings
  • Using mate to create an assembly
  • Evaluating parts and drawings
  • Using Smart Fasteners
  • Using library toolbox in assembly

05 - Creating Drawings from parts and assemblies

  • Opening desired drawing formats
  • Modifying sheet formats
  • Creating a 2D drawing representation of a part (Model, Projected and Auxiliary views)
  • Creating a 2D drawing representation of an assembly (Model, Projected and Auxiliary views)
  • Exploring different views (Section, Detail)
  • Sketching proper dimensions
  • Adding notes to the drawing

06 - Working between AutoCAD and Solidworks

  • Import 2D drawings from AutoCAD and modify it
  • Converting an AutoCAD drawing to 3D
  • Creating a drawing with multiple views from a 3D AutoCAD file

07 - Introduction to different Solidworks add in’s

  • Introduction to Metal Sheets
  • Introduction to Weldments
  • Introduction to Simulation
  • Introduction to Motion