Social Media 2

Social Media - Advanced for Businesses

Duration: 24 hours

Teaching Methodology: Hands on


In this advanced social media course, we cover advanced topics such as optimizing web sites for search engines, taking advantage of social media to create traffic, using Youtube to create awareness and traffic.

You will also learn how to prepare strategies, plan your marketing based on your strategy, post, collect and analyze results.


Chapter 1 Making Google Your Friend

Chapter 2 Google Analytics

Chapter 3 Designing Websites with Google in Mind

Chapter 4 Using Social Media Platforms with Google in Mind

Chapter 5 Using Youtube to Broadcast Your Brand Name

Chapter 6 Using Youtube to Direct Clients to Your Web Site

Chapter 7 Creating an Email Marketing Campaign

Chapter 8 Creating a Whatsapp Marketing Campaign

Chapter 9 Preparing a Digital Marketing Strategy

Chapter 10 Planning Based on the Marketing Strategy

Chapter 11 Posting, Collecting Results, and Analyzing


Professionals who want to use social media to achieve their business goals.


The Social Media for Individuals and Businesses course.