Digital Marketing Courses Lebanon

Digital Marketing Training Courses

What is digital marketing and who needs it?

Many years ago, we printed brochures and leaflets and sent people to distribute publications at university gates and critical streets. We had to rely on the distributor's ethics and enthusiasm. Geographically, we had limited reach.

In this modern world, you can post a video on Youtube to make it available instantly to people around the globe. Likewise, you can place an ad on Facebook and Instagram and target clients in any country, age, interest, or time frame. TikTok can make you an instant star. Unfortunately, people who missed the digital marketing revolution are shoved into the back seats or, worse, thrown off the bus.

To survive and prosper, individuals and businesses should master the art of social media and learn how to post intelligently to reach and engage their clients across boundaries.

In this course, we focus on helping students understand their businesses, identify their target clients, develop marketing plans, choose the right media platform, and post intelligently. We also introduce them to various analysis tools to identify flows, correct strategies, and post again.

We will demonstrate various procedures to work with Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

In this advanced course, we help students think more about branding, marketing research, creating engaging campaigns, optimizing results, and preparing posts with user experience in mind.

In addition to Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube, we will experiment with how to post on Linkedin, TikTok, and Twitter. Participants will also learn how to prepare email campaigns, place ads with Google, prepare quality content and work with Google Analytics.

If you are not visible on Google, you don’t exist. In this course, we focus on making yourself visible on google and reaching the top of the first page. In addition, you will learn about SEO fundamentals, measuring performance, optimizing organic search, analyzing keywords, and monitoring competition.