MS Basic Programming Course Lebanon

Microsoft Small Basic Programming

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Duration: 21 hours

Teaching Methodology: Hands-on


Small Basic is a programming language that is designed to make programming extremely easy, approachable and fun for beginners. Small Basic’s intention is to bring down the barrier and serve as a stepping stone to the amazing world of computer programming.

Logically speaking, students should learn an easy language such as Small Basic to create fun applications before learning complex languages such as C++, Javascript, HTML5, etc.


Benefits Description
1. Coding promotes logical thinking They learn how to tackle complex problems by breaking them down into smaller problems which are easier to manage and solve.
2. Coding helps a students’ creativity After all, coding is all about creating something new.
3. Coding develops persistence Coding teaches children persistence. In order to solve the problem, they must keep going, coming up with different solutions until they have the right one.
4. Coding develops resilience They learn to build resilience through troubleshooting.
5. Coding improves communication skills Codes are written in simple easy to follow language that the computer understands. Coding helps to develop that skill
6. Coding improves structural thinking Structural thinking helps kids to see the big picture when they are given any task made up of small parts.
7. Coding helps with problem-solving They learn to analyze options and have to come up with a way to solve any challenges they come across.
8. Coding improves students’ math skills As they learn to code, they will pick up the skills needed to solve math problems along the way.
9. Coding makes students competetive Students with the ability to code, instantly appear more desirable in the eyes of potential college admissions officers and employers.
10. Programmers are in high demand The demand on programmers is higher than the supply.


What's covered in this course:

  1. 1. Introduction to MS Small Basic
  2. 2. Understanding Our First Program
  3. 3. Introducing Variables
  4. 4. Conditions and Branching
  5. 5. Loops
  6. 6. Beginning Graphics
  7. 7. Fun with Shapes
  8. 8. Turtle Graphics
  9. 9. Subroutines
  10. 10. Arrays
  11. 11. Events and Interactivity
  12. 12. Introduction to Flowcharts
  13. 13. Fun Samples


This course is ideal for kids and teenagers who will be joining universities soon.


Basic computer skills.

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