AutoCAD 2D, 3D, and Advanced

AutoCAD Training Courses

Our AutoCAD courses cover all levels, 2D, 3D, and advanced. We train people to become fast and efficient CAD drafters. They can apply their skills to draw architectural, mechanical, and specialty disciplines. Our free online exam ensures students can assess themselves to identify knowledge gaps that require reviews.

Who is still using AutoCAD and why?

Millions of users use AutoCAD. In architecture, most projects are still initiated in AutoCAD and later handed to BIM experts to model in Revit. The demand for AutoCAD 2D drafters will not ease in the foreseeable future. People still use it in various disciplines to draw elevator details, mechanical equipment, interior decorations and armaments, electrical boards and panels, solar panels, and installations.

We recommend that every architect master AutoCAD 2D and AutoCAD advanced. Instead of AutoCAD 3D to model architectural buildings, we highly recommend Revit for engineering output drawings and 3DS Max and Vray for presentations.

AutoCAD 2D

In this course, we focus on basic drawing skills and proceed to more advanced drawing and editing techniques. Participants also learn about layers, annotating, blocks, templates, and layouts.

AutoCAD Advanced

This course focuses on advanced techniques such as external references, smart blocks, attributes, tables, sheets, and customizations. It is essential for people who use AutoCAD daily.

AutoCAD 3D

This course may be for you if your work requires industrial, mechanical designs, or 3D printing. However, if you want to design buildings, consider Revit instead.

AutoCAD Production

In this course, we assign participants actual, serious architecture drawings. This course is a workshop on complex drawings supervised by the instructor. Ultimately, participants can work with architects and handle fundamental design requirements.

Preparing Construction Documentation

In this course, participants learn how to prepare construction documentation such as execution plans, details, and electrical and mechanical drawings.