Adobe Training Courses

Adobe Training Courses

Our Adobe courses will make you an artist capable of producing breathtaking images, graphics, animations, and videos. We train people in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere, and InDesign. If you combine these magic tools with our photography courses, you will find yourself an expert in the visualization field.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is the top vector graphic design software. By vector, we mean designs made of lines, arcs, circles, and curves, such as logos, letterheads, artworks, digital presentations, infographics, and various shapes. Since these shapes are based on formulas and geometry, we can scale them freely without worrying about quality loss. This course focuses on learning how to use Adobe Illustrator to create various vector designs.


Infographics are about using images and charts to present data. In this course, we use Adobe Illustrator to design various illustrations and diagrams to convert data into high-quality, easy-to-understand graphic information.

Adobe Photoshop Essentials

Adobe Photoshop is the king of image editing software and is the foundation tool for all graphic design disciplines. Our essentials course is by no means basic. We cover most of the tools and their options and progress to layers, color modes, color correction tools, compositing, and scanning and printing techniques.

Adobe Photoshop Advanced

With solid foundations in the Adobe Photoshop essentials course, we are now ready to focus on advanced topics such as camera raw, advanced layer and mask techniques, advanced retouching, automating tasks, and color management.

Adobe After Effects Essentials

The demand for short films and ads to post on TV and social media is at an all-time high. These films need high-quality visual effects and motion graphics to get the audience's attention. This course focuses on compositing, keyframing, transparencies, text, and applying effects.

Adobe After Effects Advanced

Adobe After Effects is a video editing and compositing software rich with advanced tools. This course focuses on parenting and expressions, 3D animations, tracking and stabilizing, creating shapes, and paint, roto, and puppet tools.

Adobe Premiere

If you like to shoot videos with your mobile, camera, or drone, edit, and post on TV, YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram, this course is for you. In addition, this software is the proper tool if you will be producing long films such as documentaries, ceremonies, and movies for cinema or TV. We suggest you consider Adobe After Effects to create short films with high-graphic content, such as TV and social media ads.

Adobe InDesign Essentials

If you are in the business of creating layouts such as brochures, books, and PDF files, Adobe InDesign is for you. We show you various techniques to combine text, illustrations, and images into artistic publications.

Adobe InDesign Advanced

In addition to advanced layout techniques, we also focus on creating interactive designs in this course.

Press and Printing Techniques

This course is for participants interested in managing printing jobs at the printing press. We will show them how to color separate publications and handle colors, transparencies, and knockouts. They will be able to supervise printing jobs from designs to hard copies.