3DS Max Animation

3DS MAX Animation

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Duration: 24 hours

Teaching Methodology: Hands-on


In this course, we will learn basic and advanced animation techniques. Many issues that face architects, interior designers, and animators such as controlling camera animation, animating backgrounds, and adding effects are addressed.

In this course, you will also learn how to integrate max and Photoshop, use advanced Unwrap UVW techniques to create complex material, and import and export files.


Advanced Mapping technique using the UVW Unwrap and Photoshop for painting a texture

Max Animation 01
Max Animation 02
Max Animation 03
Max Animation 04


Animation Basics

  • Basic animation interfaces
  • Time Configuration dialog box
  • Time slider
  • Animation playback controls
  • The Concept of Keyframing
Animation Basics

  • Creating keyframes
  • Creating basic motion
  • Auto Key and Set Key
  • Timing
  • Ease in / Ease out
Animation Basics

- Controlling Camera Animation

  • Creating Walkthroughs
  • Easing camera motion around the bends
  • When to use free and target cameras
  • Displaying the path
Controlling Camera Animation

- Animation Controllers

  • Controllers
  • Constraints
  • Motion panel
  • Parameters
  • Key Info (Basic) rollout
  • Trajectories
  • Curve Editor & Dope sheet
Animation Controllers

- Rendering & Effects

  • Choosing file dimensions
  • Prints
  • High-definition and standard DVDs
  • Internet images
  • Internet video
  • Additional rendering tools
  • The Print Size Wizard
  • The RAM Player
  • The Panorama Exporter
  • Video Post
Rendering  & Effects

- Effect Basics

  • Atmospheric effects
  • The Fire effect
  • The Fog effect
  • Standard fog
  • Layered fog
  • The Volume Fog effect
  • The Volume Light effect
  • Render effects
  • The Lens effect
  • The Depth of Field effect
  • The Motion Blur effect
Effect Basics

Scene Assembly

  • Computer power vs. scene complexity
  • Transferring files
  • Refreshing and rendering viewports
  • Assembly tools
  • Save Selected
  • Merge
  • Import
  • Export
  • Export Selected
  • XRef Objects
  • XRef Scenes
  • File Properties