LEED Green Professional

LEED Green Accredited Professional

Duration: 35 hours

Teaching Methodolody: Lecture


LEED AP with specialty: An advanced credential for LEED experts

Which LEED AP specialty is right for you?

Building Design and Construction LEED AP Building Design + Construction (LEED AP BD+C) Suits professionals with expertise in the design and construction phases of green buildings, serving the commercial, residential, education and healthcare sectors.

Operations and Maintenance LEED AP Operations + Maintenance (LEED AP O+M) Distinguishes professionals implementing sustainable practices, improving performance, heightening efficiency and reducing environmental impact in existing buildings through enhanced operations and maintenance. .

Interior Design and Construction LEED AP Interior Design + Construction (LEED AP ID+C) Serves participants in the design, construction and improvement of commercial interiors and tenant spaces that offer a healthy, sustainable and productive work environment.

Neighborhood Developement LEED AP Neighborhood Development (LEED AP ND) Applies to individuals participating in the planning, design and development of walkable, neighborhoods and communities.

Homes LEED AP Homes Suited for those involved in the design and construction of healthy, durable homes that use fewer resources and produce less waste.


This course is for participants who passed the LEED Green Associate Exam.


The LEED Green Associate course and exam.

LEED Green Professional
RLEED Green Professional
LEED Green Professional
LEED Green Professional