Maya Level 3 - Bone Rigging and Lipsync

Maya Level 3 - Bone Rigging and Lipsync

Duration: 30 hours

Teaching Methodology: Hands-on


In this course, students will learn how animate characters in AutodeskMaya as well as add ready and custom textures to objects. By the end of the course, they should be able convincingly add movement to completed rigs and improve the looks of all sorts of objects through texturing. Topics include the basics of traditional animation, how to use them in Maya, texturing and UVs.


Animators, graphic designers, motion graphics artists, art directors, artistsand anyone who is interested in creating 3D images and animations.


None. This course has been designed to allow students the option of taking it either before, after, or concurrently with Autodesk Maya Levels 1 & 2. For those who have not taken the previous courses, an artistic sensibility would be very beneficial.

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01 - Introduction to Animation

  • Good animation vs. bad animation
  • Examples of good animation
  • Analysis of what makes the examples beautiful
Introduction to Animation

02 - How to Use a Rig

  • Moving the controls
  • How to choose which controls to use based on each situation
How to Use a Rig

03 - The Basics of Animation

  • A detailed look at the basics of animation and how to apply them
  • Examples of each principle
  • Exercises to apply each principle
  • “Cartoony” animation and “Realistic” animation
The Basics of Animation

04 - Animation in Autodesk Maya

  • Customizing animation settings
  • Using a custom shelf
  • Introduction to animation tools
Animation in Autodesk Maya

05 - Walk Cycles

  • Creating a walk cycle
  • Setting the main keyframes
  • Setting the in-betweens
  • The Graph Editor
  • Cycling animation
  • Exporting & importing animation
Walk Cycles

06 - Final Project: Complex Physical Animation Project

  • Making a reference
  • Setting up a scene
  • Identifying important frames
  • Applying main keyframes
  • Exaggerating for effect
  • Playblasts
  • Finding the best in-betweens
  • Splining
  • Finalizing animation
Final Project: Complex Physical Animation Project

07 - Extras

  • Tips and quick tricks
  • How to prepare before animating a scene
  • Good practices
  • Using real life as a guide