ETABS essentials

ETABS - Fundamentals

Duration: 20 Hours

Teaching Methodolody: Hands on


This is a comprehensive hands-on training course on using ETABS v2016 to model, analyze, design and detailed a Concrete Building Structure subjected to static gravity and lateral load.


Training Course Description Duration/HrsBranchStarting DateDays-Time
ETABS Lebanon ETABS Essentials 16Achrafieh June 10, 2019 MTW 4:00PM-6:00PM
ETABS Lebanon ETABS Essentials 16Tyre June 13, 2019 ThFS 4:00PM-6:00PM
ETABS essentials
ETABS essentials
ETABS essentials
ETABS essentials


Introduction to ETABS

01 - Overview of ETABS system

Overview of ETABS system

Overview of FE Method

01 - FEM objects used in ETABS

  • Line – Frame (Beam & Column)
  • Area – Shell/Plate/Membrane (Slab & Wall)
FEM objects used in ETABS

02 - Understanding elements forces and stresses

Understanding elements forces and stresses

03 - Meshing of FE elements

Use of Constraint

04 - Use of Constraint

Use of Constraint

Creating an ETABS model

01 - Work flow

  • Setup Units, Grids, Storeys, Reference Planes & Line
  • Define Load Pattern, Load Combination, Load Case
  • Creating Model-Draw Walls, Columns, Beams & Slab
  • Assign Loadings
  • Analysis, Design and RC Detailing
Work flow

02 - Modeling of Frame system

  • Beam Vs Column
  • Section Designer Section
  • Non-prismatic Section
  • Frame end releases
  • End Length Offset and Rigid Zone
  • Panel Zone for shear deformation
  • Stiffness Modifier
Image Modes and Channels

03 - Modeling Floor system

  • Rigid & Semi-rigid Diaphragm
Calibrating Your Monitor

04 - Modeling Wall system

  • Pier design
Modeling Wall system

Seismic Analysis

01 - Equivalent Static Load according to UBC97

Seismic Analysis

Wind Analysis

01 - analysis of wind loading according to UBC97

Wind Analysis

RC Element Design

  • Pier design
  • Column design
RC Element Design


  • Print/Display Table for tabular output
  • Print Graphics for graphical output