3DS Max Modeling

3DS MAX Modeling

Duration: 24 hours

Teaching Methodolody: Hands on


see it, model it” How did they do that detailed chair model? The answer is 3ds Max! You always ask this question when you see a complex 3D model. If you have the imagination, then this class is for you. You will learn the tools of how to take a 2D blueprint & turning it into a 3Dmodel then add some details to approach it from realism.


Choose the correct method of modeling an object. Students explore principles of 3-dimensioning and apply them in the creation of 3D computer representations using 3ds Max software. Emphasis will be placed on creation of accurate models rendered with color.


After successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Create and manipulate 2D shapes, including sub-object modes of the shapes and splines, the modifier stack, and conversion of shapes to editable splines.
  • Apply modifiers to shapes and splines to create 3D objects.
  • Use lofting techniques to create complex 3D objects.
  • Modify lofted objects.
  • Differentiate between copies, references and instances.
  • Understand why modifier order is important.
  • Understand sub-object mode of 3D Editable Mesh and Editable Poly objects.
  • Manipulate the display of objects to best suit their needs when modeling.
  • Use editable poly to create complex models.
  • Apply transforms to sub-object modes of an editable poly.
  • Manipulate a poly model using the modify panel options for each sub-object mode.
  • Render stills of a MAX scene, and save them to an appropriate file format.


Architects, interior designers, decorators, graphic designers, artists, animators, TV graphic designers, art directors and anyone who is interested in creating 3D realistic presentations.


Basic3ds Max knowledge.

Max Modeling
Max Modeling
Max Modeling
Max Modeling


  • Edit spline (Review)
  • Set up a Viewport Background to draw shapes & 3d models
  • Align/ Array/ Spacing tool/ Mirror
  • Selection set/ Group
  • Modifiers used for the help of modeling: Lathe/ Extrude/ Bevel/ Bevel profile/ FFD's/ Symmetry/ Mirror/ TurboSmooth/HSDS/ Relax/ cap holes/ slice/ Push/Spherify/ STL check/ Path deform(WSM)/ Noise/ ProOptimizer/ Twist/ Bend/ Taper/ Poly select/ Melt / Ripple/ Wave/

  • Loft
  • Booleans/ ShapeMerge
  • Shape check/ Measure/ Reset XForm
  • Box modeling (Using poly’s)
  • Cloth (Garment maker)
  • Displace/ Bump channel
  • Print size assistant